Horizontal, centrifugal, double-casing, multistage pump of sectional type, with a radial split of the casing, one-sided arrangement of impellers (perception of axial force with the help of a hydro-heel assembly)


Ability to apply technology TORO

General characteristics:
  • Pump type Centrifugal
  • Installation method Horizontal
  • Flow 65 - 900 m³/h
  • Pressure range 440 - 2030 m
  • Efficiency up to 84%
  • API-610 classification BB4
Purpose of the equipment:

PEM series pumps are designed to supply water to stationary steam boilers

Design features of the equipment:
  • Modern energy-efficient flow path «Toro» providing full efficiency up to 84% (NKMZ patented technology)
  • Inner sectional housing with multi-channel guide vanes minimizes hydraulic radial forces in any condition, down to minimum feed
  • The use of a system of axial fixation of the impellers on the shaft for local unloading of axial forces, which makes it possible to refuse the use of loaded threaded elements in the flow part of the pump
  • The use of high-speed plain bearings makes it possible to reduce the radial clearance in the "rotor-stator" system, increase the rigidity of the rotor, compensate for misalignments, deviations and bending of the shaft relative to the bearing housing. The thrust bearing is able to absorb the residual axial load on the rotor, as well as to stably maintain the rigid axial state of the rotor, which is especially important for ensuring increased durability of the mechanical seals and prevents the rotor from jamming in case of off-design axial and radial displacements
  • The use of labyrinth seals of bearing units allows maintaining the purity of lubricants at a very high level, thereby multiplying their overhaul cycle of maintenance
  • The use of mechanical seals with a thermal barrier with minimal leakage indications, and the possibility of steam flushing during routine maintenance
  • Use of high torque nuts to allow assembly/disassembly of the pump without the use of expensive high torque hydraulic tools
PEM series
  • Pump type


  • Flow

    65 – 900 m³/h

  • Efficiency

    up to 84 %

  • Pump power

    up to 7000 kW

  • Vibration velocity

    no more than 3 mm/s

  • Rotor balancing class

    G 0.4

  • Fluid temperature

    up to 200 °С

  • Installation method


  • Pressure range

    440 - 2030 m

  • Rotation frequency

    up to 6300 rpm

  • Net suction head NPSH

    4 - 15 m

  • Noise

    no more than 85 dB

  • Pumped liquid

    Hot (feed) water (for heating networks)

  • Process line connection type

    Flange / Welding

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