Vertical, centrifugal, single-stage cantilever type pump (impeller located behind bearings), with one-way inlet impeller.

General characteristics:
  • Pump type Centrifugal
  • Installation method Vertical
  • Flow 2000 - 36000 m³/h
  • Pressure range 20 - 140 m
  • Efficiency up to 90%
Purpose of the equipment:

Pumps of the S-DVN series are designed for pumping domestic, industrial wastewater and other contaminated liquids in the systems of main and auxiliary pipelines, with a limiting pressure of up to 2.5 MPa

Design features of the equipment:
  • The main pump bearings are rolling bearings lubricated with grease
  • The axial force generated in the pump is taken up by the pump bearings and is not transmitted to the electric motor
  • The design uses an open impeller with an adjustable gap "S" and additional blades to prevent the penetration of abrasive particles into the seal chamber of the bearing unit
  • Corrosion-resistant execution of the flow part
  • Operation of bearing units - more than 50,000 hours
  • Depending on the pump size, a hard-alloy segment plain bearing can be additionally installed in the impeller area, designed to absorb the residual radial force
  • Vibration of the pump in the nominal mode does not exceed 2 mm/s, and within the limits of the operating interval of supply does not exceed 3 mm/s
  • Up to three inspection holes with a diameter of at least 180 mm (optionally, the diameter and number can be increased)
Series S-DVN
  • Pump type


  • Flow

    2400 – 36000 m³/h

  • Efficiency

    up to 90 %

  • Pump power

    up to 5000 kW

  • Vibration velocity

    no more than 2.0 mm/s

  • Maximum inlet pressure

    2.5 MPa

  • Pumped liquid

    Domestic, industrial, waste water

  • Process line connection type

    Flange / Welding

  • Installation method

    Vertical / Horizontal

  • Pressure range

    20 - 140 m

  • Rotation frequency

    up to 1000 rpm

  • Net suction head NPSH

    4 - 12 m

  • Noise

    no more than 85 dB

  • Rotor balancing class

    G 0.4

  • Fluid temperature

    up to 40°С


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