Vertical, special centrifugal pump, with a diagonal type impeller located between the bearings. It can be made in one-stage, two-stage or three-stage execution.

General characteristics:
  • Pump type Centrifugal
  • Installation method Vertical
  • Flow 1250 - 25000 m³/h
  • Pressure range 20 - 250 m
  • Efficiency up to 88%
  • API-610 classification VS3
Purpose of the equipment:

Pumps of the VSR series are designed to supply fluid in the main auxiliary pipeline systems, including those for the food industry, with a limiting pressure of up to 2.5 MPa.

Design features of the equipment:
  • Highly efficient, AI-designed, corrosion-resistant wet end
  • The axial force generated in the pump is hydrodynamically compensated, the residual axial force is absorbed by the pump bearings and is not transmitted to the electric motor
  • Depending on the pump size, a hard-alloy segment plain bearing can be additionally installed in the impeller area, designed to absorb the residual radial force
  • Modular mechanical seal unit. The design provides for the possibility of replacing mechanical seals with stuffing box seals
  • Corrosion-resistant execution of the flow part
  • Use of wear rings made of wear-resistant material
  • The spherical shape of the impeller inlet blades enveloping the flow core. The patented, core-enveloping shape of the impeller blades in tandem with the inlet profiling blades of the inlet apparatus provides an extremely high suction capacity of the pump in all operating modes
  • Special profiled anti-cavitation pump inlet, which allows minimizing the emission of gas fraction during the operation of the unit, including at high liquid flow rates. Special shaped guide vanes installed in front of the impeller inlet funnel create a swirl of the flow at the calculated circulation angle, ensuring shock-free fluid leakage onto the impeller blades. The solution reduces vibration and increases the service life, and also minimizes gas formation in off-design modes.
  • Optimized flow part of the pump, providing an efficiency value of more than 92%. NKMZ patented solutions in the design of pump flow parts allow to achieve extreme efficiency values and significantly reduce the power consumption of the pump unit
Series VSR
  • Pump type


  • Flow

    1250 - 25000 m³/h

  • Efficiency

    up to 88%

  • Pump power

    up to 3500 kW

  • Vibration velocity

    no more than 2 mm/s

  • Rotor balancing class

    G 0.4

  • Fluid temperature

    up to 80 °С

  • Installation method


  • Pressure range

    20 - 250 m

  • Rotation frequency

    up to 1000 rpm

  • Net suction head NPSH

    8 - 32 m

  • Noise

    no more than 85 dB

  • Pumped liquid

    Water / River water / Pure (drinking) water

  • Process line connection type

    Flange / Welding

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