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We design, manufacture, and test large pumping equipment (including API 610), hydropower turbines, pump-turbines, industrial mixers, mixing devices, ejectors, nozzles and various other machinery. ​

Fields of application: Oil and chemical refining industries, transportation of oil and oil products, metallurgy and mining industries, shipbuilding industries, equipment for nuclear power plants, as well as water management and public housing.​

Our company offers low cost of ownership due to high energy efficiency; proven high efficiency and low coefficient drop (0.1% annually); minimum vibration load, along with high patent purity​

About industry solutions​


  • Trunk pump stations D 300 – D 1500 (BB1)​
  • Product pump stations D 75 – D 300 (BB1, BB4, BB3, BB5)​
  • Water injection pump stations D 75 – D 300 (BB4, BB3, BB5)​
  • Booster pump stations D 300 – D 1500 (VS1, VS2, VS3, BB1)​
  • Pumps for Oil Refinery D 200 – D 500 (BB1, BB4, BB3, BB5)​


  • Nuclear Power Pumps (pumps 2, 3, 4 class D 125 – D 1500 according requirements of PNAE and STO standards ROSATOM)​
  • Thermal Power Plant boiler pumps D 125 – D 300 (BB5)​
  • Thermal Power Plant condensate and other D 300 – D 1000 (BB1, BB4, VS1, VS2, VS3)​
  • Hydropower plants (vertical and horizontal hydropower turbines)​

Clean water, wastewater treatment and food industry​

  • Booster pump stations D 300 – D 1500 (VS1, VS2, VS3, BB1)​
  • Wastewater stations D 75 – D 250 (тип корпуса BB1, BB4, VS1, VS3, BB1)​
  • Trunk pump stations D 300 – D 1500 (BB1)​
  • Turbine-pumps (vertical and horizontal)​


  • Slurry pump D 200 – D 800 (OH1, OH2)​
  • Injection pump D 75 – D 300 (BB4)​
  • Drainage D 75 - D 1500 (housing type BB1, BB3, VS1, VS2, VS3)​
  • Centrifugal mixers​


  • МPS (Mobile Pumping Stations) for draining and pumping​
  • BBPS (Block-bushing Pumping Stations) for MRP (Maintenance of Reservoir Pressure)​
  • SPS (Supporting Pumping Stations) for mountainous area​


  • Multiphase pumps for pumping liquid with a large gas content​
  • Pumps for hot water for viscous and extra-viscous oil and a fluid similar to it​
  • Pumps for special chemical processes​
  • Pumps-turbine​


  • Slurry / Groundwater pumps for transporting pulp​
  • Pumps for transporting water to Slurry / Ground pumps​
  • Pumps for drainage of fields​
  • Centrifugal mixers​
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We provide a long warranty period (up to 8 years), as we are confident in the quality of our products. The guarantee covers case parts, main components (bearings, mechanical seals), impellers, slit rings, Instrumentation control, electric motor and other parts of the pump / pump set and hydropower turbine.​

We keep separate sets of spare parts for each project (no extra costs for Client), to provide a quick warranty / non-warranty repair works for comfortable work with our Client.​

At your service 24 hours Call Center to support customers in the warranty / non-warranty period. We value every customer and always try to provide timely assistance and reduce equipment downtime.​

Automation & Digital Solutions​

Integrated and complex telemetry of the main parameters of the pump​ (unit) during testing at testing facility NKMZ and at the placement site includes:​

  1. Control of vibration and temperature of bearing units (prevention of emergency situations);​
  2. Inlet and outlet pressure control, consumed power, efficiency calculation (online);​
  3. Intelligent decision support system for optimizing the cost of ownership - choosing the best mode pump operation with maximum efficiency and actual repair of parts (risk management)​


Installation of equipment at existing locations with preservation of existing dimensional and connecting sizes of the foundation and branch pipes (installation of equipment in accordance to your parameters at no extra cost)​

NKMZ HYDRO Testing Facility​

  • NKMZ Testing Facility provide full scope of testing pumps, turbine-pumps and hydropower turbines according to the requirements of standards: ISO 9906:2012, DIN EN ISO 9906:2013, ASME PTC 18 - 2011 1 class (highest class), with efficiency accuracy measurement not more then ± 2 [%]​
  • 60 [MPa] maximum pressure of tested pump equipment​
  • Liquid capacity 4000 [m3], test capability up to 23,000 [m3/h] on full-scale and 46,000 [m3/h] at half speed​
  • Testing duration – not limited (large liquid cooling capacity)​
  • Amount of installation places for pump / pump units – 4 places (ability to provide simultaneously testing from 2 to 4 pumps for 100% simulation of energy efficiency as on real Client pump station)
  • First Testing Facility in Russian and CIS countries, which made full-automat (without operator) testing of 1 pump and 2 pumps according to ISO 9906:2015, including Full-flow parametric and Cavitation testing.​


We can adapt to your financial capabilities. After selecting the equipment and agreeing the price, we can offer you our products for Insurance and Leasing with a long installment plan. This will allow you to optimally use the cost of equipment and its maintenance in your financial model. These products are specifically designed for industrial equipment. Terms and interest rates for these products are below market, since they are exclusive when purchasing products NKMZ.​


  • GOST/GOST R (Russian Federation Family Standards, have compliance with CIS Counties Standards)​
  • API 610 (American Petroleum Institute Family Standards, have compliance with ASME, ASTM, ANSI Standards)​
  • SPECIAL REQUAREMENTS (Based on NKMZ pump experience and Client not typical tasks, when API 610/GOST and other standards can not be applied)​
  • BACK ENGINEERING (Design and manufacturing diffusors/impellers and other pump parts using cases of other pump manufacturing companies like Sulzer, KSB, Flowserve, ITT, Sigma, Rurhrpumpen, Ebara, Nuovo Pignone, UHM, Voith, Andritz and other. The standard reason for the request is the Client's desire to substantially increase the efficiency, head, flow rate of equipment in operation without replacement of pump and hydropower turbine)​


We manufacture custom equipment according to the requirements of: NORSOK, API 610, ANSI, ASME, GOST 32601-2013, STO, ISO 13709, STT-23.080-00-KTN-240-14, GOST Р 53675-2009, OTT-23.080.00-KTN-049-10 as well as individual customer requests.​

Our database of experimental data and verified design models is constantly updated and taken into account during the development of each subsequent pumping machine. Thanks to this, we are able to upgrade our products, without classic long-term periods in the change of generations of pumping equipment. Implemented innovative advanced engineering with the principle, "every next pump is better than the previous".​

Quality control​

NKMZ equipment meets the requirements of API Q1, and has 100% traceability of production processes.​


NKMZ Has more then 26 Patents with international priority in Russia, CIS Countries, Germany, England, USA, Japan, China (centrifugal pump issues, hydraulic parts, etc.)

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