High patent purity

High patent purity.

To achieve a minimum cost of ownership equipment, NKMZ has been engaged in more than 10 years of solving a number of basic and applied problems determining basic equipment characteristics such as efficiency, efficiency drop coefficient, vibration load, low acoustic noise and heating, reliability, convenience and ergonomic operation, etc.​

Most of these solutions have already been successfully implemented in equipment supplied by NKMZ and are protected as intellectual property through patents. Part solutions patented as part of ongoing projects on fundamentally new equipment such as pumps and hydropower turbines, another part of the solutions is created as “stock for the future ” and is planned for implementation in the next 10 years.

All technical solutions protected in patents are actively used in new generation pumping equipment and are the best energy efficient pumps in Russia and abroad.​

Most of our customers require high patent cleanliness regarding the equipment they purchase,​ to exclude the supply of illegally copied “clones” like rule produced according to illegally obtained drawings with violation of technological processes, the requirements of existing​ standards, without confirmed efficiency and, as a result, having significantly higher cost of ownership and lower reliability. There is a high chance that this equipment will be confiscated in industrial facilities, which leads to significant losses to the buyer.

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