Confirmed Efficiency.

Confirmed Efficiency.

According to the requirements of the standard GOST R in force in the Russian Federation 54806-2011 (ISO 9905: 1994) all centrifugal pumps before sending to the consumer must​ pass dynamic and hydrostatic tests according to the standard​​

GOST ISO 9906: 2015 certified at ROSSTANDART Testing Equipment (Testing Facility). Test Equipment must be certified by​ the requirements of the current standard GOST R 8.568-2017.​

NKMZ owns the most powerful and accurate NKMZ Testing Facility in the CIS, also included in the top three of the largest in the world allowing a variety of types of dynamic and static pump tests​ equipment to confirm efficiency, coefficient, and the Efficiency drop and real experiments are performed at our locations to guarantee operating life of the pump unit and as a result correct cost of ownership equipment.​

NKMZ Testing Facility is also held dynamic tests of pumps-turbine, hydropower turbines and their natural models, pressure regulators, gate valves, fittings for oil and gas, nuclear, energy and other industries.​

​ ​

NKMZ HYDRO Testing Facility is one of the top 3 companies in the world with the ability to make full-scale tests of large pumps, pump-turbine and hydropower turbines equipment:​​

  • Flow rate up to 80 000 [m3/h] / 352 230 [US gpm]​
  • Capacity up to 20 [MW]​
  • Head up to 6 000 [m] / 19 685 [ft]
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